A desmemoriada dos Jardins ataca novamente

Eita povo esquecido!

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  1. "estou in love": VTNC!!!!!!!!!!

  2. tô usando o e-mail da minha sister e dane-se!

  3. Actually did not provide the sunblock I thought. I burned. It was lightweight but when wet my skin turned white

    This sunscreen is not good. When I applied it, there was an uncomfortable feeling, and a few hours after my skin started like peeling when i rubbed on it. Kinda like exfoliating. It left an uncomfortable feel on my face and I felt like it never settled in my face, but it did not irritate so I'm giving 2 stars. I will not be buying Shiseido sunscreens again.

    I followed the directions and shook the bottle before applying. Once I applied it to my skin it was very greasy. It was fine after it absorbed and I didn't have any breakouts but I did not like the greasy feeling.

    bought this sun screen last summer and I thought since it was shiseido it was the best, I was wrong. I applied in my body and my face an hour before sun exposure hoping it will protect me.
    I was sun burned on the first day and as days passed by I noticed dark spots in my arms that were caused by this product. After two days of no use, those spots disappeared. At the end of the week of usage I was sun burned and had dark spots. Don't buy this, go for drug brand sun screen.

  4. Isso foi o que eu achei numa procura rápida em um site, esse mesmo da Sephora que você disse que não achou nada, estranho, né?
    Espero que isso seja informação correta pra você, se não, me avise que coloco outro reviews.
    E espero, sinceramente, que isso seja informação correta pra você, porque me fazer passar por mentirosa, não, tá?

  5. essa doida dizia que não usava base nenhuma, se eu não tivesse tanta louça para lavar, iria procurar esse post!